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Janine Tait | LOX Founder

“Jan and Jenny are exceptional therapists – skilled, intuitive, sensitive and attuned to their client’s needs. Jenny Barrow is my ‘mini-me’ and an amazing skin coach. It does my heart good to know that your skin is in very good hands when you come to LOX.”
~ Janine Tait

Your skin is in good hands.

Over the last 30 years, LOX founder, Janine Tait, has become one of the most influential voices in the New Zealand beauty industry.

She is a respected leader within the growing Slow Beauty movement, which champions a holistic approach to skincare with a focus on dermo-nutrition, health and total wellbeing.

Janine is New Zealand’s leading dermo-nutritionist, a skincare expert, Janesce distributor, holistic skincare educator and the founder of Bestow, a highly respected wellness company which offers skin nutrition products, recipes and recipes to nourish skin from within.

The turning point in her career began in the early 1990’s when she started LOX and found her mentor, Janice Sarre-Smith, who introduced her to a holistic way of working with skin. Since then, LOX has been the home base of Janine’s inspiring career and is the place where her Slow Beauty philosophy has been developed, honed and put into practice.

LOX is where Janine first discovered the power of the Janesce botanical skincare range in 1992.

LOX is the base from which she became the New Zealand distributor for Janesce Skincare in 1995.

LOX was where she practiced skin nutrition after learning from Janice-Sarre Smith of Janesce and then studying nutritional medicine.

LOX clients were Janine’s inspiration for the Bestow skin nutrition products that are now used in clinics all over New Zealand and Australia.

LOX is where she educates therapists from all over New Zealand about a holistic approach to skincare.

Janine no longer works directly with clients, but each member of the LOX therapist team have worked with Janine over decades and live and breathe her Slow Beauty philosophy.

Janine’s Story

When I first entered the New Zealand beauty industry in the mid 1980’s beauty therapy was still very much influenced by European traditions. The long and beautiful shadow cast from early visionaries encouraged a holistic, ‘inside out’ approach to skincare, which focused on total body health and wellness.

In the 1990’s, a new trend of fast-acting facial treatments appeared on the beauty scene, which all but buried this traditional wisdom and raised a generation of therapists to favour the quick fix over the tried and true.
I was one of them.

Ten years into my career as a beauty therapist I went through a crisis of confidence.

Despite using all the tools of modern skincare at my disposal I found that too often, I just could not get the results for my clients that I hoped for. The beauty industry in the 1990’s was all about machines, needling, extreme peels and invasive quick fixes. Skin nutrition didn’t even get a look-in.

Skin disorders became the elephant in the room that I didn’t want to mention to my clients, because I wasn’t confident that I could really make a difference.

I became so disillusioned I left the beauty industry altogether and did the 9-5 office thing for 2 years. I missed the caring connection with women so I returned to beauty therapy, started LOX and began a determined quest for answers.

This search led me to the woman who would become my mentor – Janice Sarre-Smith, the founder of Janesce Skincare. A highly trained herbalist, Janice was decades ahead of her time in the way she treated skin holistically and showed me the importance of working from within through skin nutrition. She took a three dimensional approach to skincare, recognising that diet, environment, and mental and emotional wellbeing were essential elements to consider alongside topical skincare and treatments. We now call this philosophy the ‘Slow Beauty’ way.

I began using the Janesce skincare range and educating my clients about skin nutrition. The combination of these two things completely transformed both their skin and my career. I became a confident skincare therapist and began to get amazing results with the skin conditions I used to be afraid of treating.

I became the Janesce distributor and educator for New Zealand. I become so fascinated with the power of using nutrition to treat skin that I went on to study nutritional medicine. My specialty is dermo-nutrition, which is the study of how nutrition specifically impact on skin.

The Bestow range of skin nutrition products, recipes and rituals was born out of my desire to make it practical and easy for my clients to nourish their skin from within.

While my time these days is busily spend managing the therapist education and the growth of Janesce and Bestow, LOX will always be significant to me because it is the soil from which this amazing garden has grown!

I am so proud of the LOX therapist team and know that your skin is in very good hands when you come to see us.

Janine x