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The Slow Beauty Movement

For us at LOX, wellness is not a trend.
Slow Beauty, and everything it stands for, has been right
at the heart of everything we have done for the last 20 years.

The Slow Beauty movement describes a fast growing sub-culture of beauty therapists who have lost faith in the ‘quick-fix’, often invasive products and procedures that abound in the beauty industry and are drawn to a holistic approach to skincare with a focus on dermo-nutrition, wellness and genuine skin health from the inside out.

The Slow Beauty movement is following a similar trajectory to the Slow Food movement and reflects a similar shift in values away from short-term convenience towards slower, deeper and truer ideals.

The tides of change are well underway and there is now a new generation of beauty therapists leading the way in holistic, ‘slow’ beauty.

LOX is the home of the Slow Beauty movement and is dedicated to embracing and embodying these values with each woman we care for.

Slow Beauty in the Treatroom Room

LOX Slow Beauty Facials provide an intensive boost for your skin using the botanical Janesce skincare range.  Therapeutic skin massage, warm compresses and fragrant botanical oils make these sensory facials a beautiful treat for the soul as well as the skin.

No machines, no quick-fixes, no harsh chemicals.
Just plant-therapy, touch and wellness wisdom.

That’s the Slow Beauty way.

Slow Beauty Skin Care

At LOX, we use the organic, botanical Janesce Skincare range which is supported by a holistic philosophy of skin health and total body wellness.

It offers powerful plant therapy which works in harmony with your biology; working with your skin, not against it. Janesce protects, rebalances, strengthens and heals the skin’s protective layer – the acid mantle – by tuning into the natural functions of the skin.

Aggressive cleansing and exfoliating methods can compromise the acid mantle, creating congested, irritated or sensitised skin conditions. The natural, Slow Beauty approach of Janesce is able to prevent and heal these imbalances.

Slow Beauty Skin Nutrition

Your skin is a reflection of your life, mirroring the quality of your diet, lifestyle and wellbeing. The Janesce products that you apply topically are vital, but true skin transformation is only possible when we also work from within with skin nutrition.

LOX is the birthplace of Bestow, a skin nutrition wellness brand that is capturing attention all over New Zealand and Australia.

Bestow offers a beautiful range of organic super-food blends, recipes and rituals to nourish skin from within.

Like all wellness journeys, changing your diet in order to change your skin requires work, patience and dedication, but the rewards – for your skin and for your overall wellbeing – are absolutely worth it.