Emily Arnold Reviews the FREE Skin Health Check-Up at Lox

Get your skin on track in the new year with the LOX Free Skin-Health Check-Up. Enjoy 40 minutes with your skincare therapist having a skin assessment, product review and mini-facial and 20 minutes with holistic skin coach, Jenny Barrow, who will educate you about skin nutrition. Emily Arnold put her hand up right away to review this offer and reports back on the experience.

It had been a while since I had paid proper attention to my skin and I was feeling it. I had dry bits around my nose and some congestion along my jaw line that seemed to be a constant battle.

When I arrived at LOX on a rainy Wednesday, the traffic in the city had been hectic and I was feeling frazzled. I climbed the stairs to the Lox reception room and felt the stress immediately begin to ebb away. I had booked this time out for myself, I had nowhere to be, nothing to worry about. For an hour I could unplug.

I hadn’t been sitting for long when Stephanie, my skincare therapist, appeared and took me to a dressing room where I was to change into a beautiful soft robe. I left my phone in the dressing room – my last attachment to the outside world. I was led into Steph’s room where a bed, dressed with a comfortable blanket waited for me.

I lay back, cocooned in softness. Soft music trickled in, muffled occasionally by the rain on the roof. Steph began gently touching my face, asking me questions about my skincare routine and concerns. I answered, already feeling myself relaxing under her touch. She had some good advice for me when I mentioned I had suffered from dry skin. She understood my concerns about the sun and recommended I started using Janesce Sun Care Lotion as soon as possible for natural sun protection.

She began a mini-facial as the rain lashed against the windows, making me feel cozy and safe. Soft scents floated around me and I forgot the outside world. Steph explained she was doing a simple facial, similar to the routine I do in the morning. Her fingers swirled across my brow, massaging with perfect pressure. I sunk into the experience. I could feel myself falling asleep. At some point Steph gently touched my shoulder, it was time to wake up. My skin felt fresh, hydrated and replenished.

I floated into the relaxation room where Jenny Barrow, the LOX Holistic Skin Coach, met me. I had been looking for ways I could incorporate new ways of nourishing my skin into my life and was excited to talk to her. She began by explaining the Janesce philosophy of Slow Beauty the revolution that focuses on healthy, sustainable nourishment of the body and skin from both the inside and out.

She also explained that Slow Beauty was not about quick fixes but more a long-term approach that dealt with the root cause of skin issues instead of just the symptoms, ensuring beautiful skin for a lifetime. She asked me what issues I had been experiencing with my skin and talked me through some of the ways I could treat them. She had a quiet wealth of knowledge and explained the internal problems that were leading to my dry, flaky skin. She had some excellent recommendations, including the Bestow Twin Skin Essentials.

I had also been dealing with some anxiety and asked if Jenny had any advice around a food/mind connection. She explained the connection between gut health and mood and suggested I incorporate more probiotic foods into my diet. Nothing felt unachievable or overwhelming. These were small steps that would be the catalyst for big changes.

I went back to work feeling refreshed and revived, armed with new knowledge that would help me to nourish and improve my skin. The wisdom and experience the Lox therapists possessed blew me away and left me excited for a healthy, glowing future.

If you are an existing LOX client contact Robyn to book in for your FREE Skin Health Checkup during February. Ph 571 3443 or info@lox.co.nz.

At LOX, our Skin Health Coach, Jenny Barrow, offers two tailored skin-coaching programmes, using a Slow Beauty approach to support you on your unique skin transformation journey.


  • January 31, 2018
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