Jenny’s diary: 7 DAYS OF ME Cleanse, DAY THREE

Yay, day three! Today was better than expected for me. Last time I did the cleanse, day three was the hardest, I was extremely tired and had a bad headache. Chatting to some of the other girls who are doing the cleanse helped me realise that the changes I had made from last time (no more decaf coffee) had made things easier this time. Although I wasn’t having caffeine the milk alone was like another small meal so since I hadn’t been having that and having herbal tea instead my body was already used to not having that and I haven’t felt as hungry as I did last time. It is these small lasting changes that you notice the second time! I also was a bit tired but no headache today and feeling good.

The aperitif before every meal I find helps digestion for sure and keep things very regular! I don’t particularly mind the taste however I do just put a small amount of water with it and take it a bit more like a shot instead of a long lasting drink of water.


I am getting more into the herbal teas and enjoying those between meals – today was a red chai tea – always best shared with someone for sure! Making into a little ritual with a beautiful tray and pot/cups makes it feel very special and ‘treat like’ which is a great habit to get into instead of rewarding myself with food treats!

Lunch today was amazing and very filling with all the saturated fats like salmon and avocado. It was easy to prepare and take to work with me as well.


The thing I am enjoying most about this cleanse is that the meals are easy and can be prepared in advance so are great for a busy mum like me, looking after a toddler and working part time. Getting home at 5.15pm and expected to have dinner on the table by 5.30pm for a toddler can be tricky but the cleanse meals can be made in advance and just served up! Usually I spend 30 minutes at night preparing what I can for breakfast, lunch and dinner the next day and it is so worth it! For example tonights dinner I had already cooked the rice and the boiled egg as well as grated the veggies and made the dressing so all I had to do was throw it all together and we were ready to go!

jennybAlready I am noticing the effects of the cleanse, a lighter feeling and less bloating. My skin is also much clearer! Still haven’t got to the bath yet but that might be my reward at the end of the week after a busy few days at work. Can’t wait!

Remember the cleanse is running for all of September to it is not too late to join me!

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  • September 10, 2015
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