Jenny’s diary: 7 DAYS OF ME Cleanse, DAY TWO

Ah breakfast…. my favourite time of the day! We chose to do the quinoa porridge (with buckwheat instead) and it was lovely to have something warm since the morning was rather chilly. We find the porridge to be very filling so were fully satisfied after this meal.

During the morning I made the effort to sit with a cup of tea and enjoy the sunshine while it was around. I gave myself 5 minutes to practice being mindful and filling my thoughts of the things in life I am blessed with. It sounds cheesy but it really did bring a smile to my face and filled my soul. I am glad to be making an effort to do this side of the cleanse as well as the food as it is definitely something that is good for me right now with our lives being quite busy and changes on the horizon.


Lunch was the lettuce cups and looked huge! Of course I managed to polish it all off easily and again felt very satisfied. We made a dressing using the Bestow Oil which provides EFA’s needed for skin health. This dressing was something that we kept on with after the cleanse in March and we will definitely be keeping this up still.


The afternoon went well and although I didn’t feel hungry, I was definitely tired and a bit grumpy! I am presuming this is due to my body working hard to cleanse so although it doesn’t feel pleasant I am trying to embrace it! Last time I found day 3 and 4 the hardest so here’s hoping tomorrow and the next day aren’t too bad!

jennybDAY TWO – Overall another great day! Not as hungry as I thought I would be which is nice but definitely a bit tired and grumpy. Looking forward to getting through the next few days and hopefully enjoying a bath or two with the Epsom salts to help relax and let me body do it’s thing.

Remember the cleanse is running for all of September to it is not too late to join me!

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  • September 9, 2015
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