Rachel’s Good to Glow Skin Coaching Story | Chapter Three

A Rose-Tinted Life: My New Daily Skincare Ritual


After my initial skincare consultation with Jenny, I take a ‘gap day’. I say goodbye to wine and peanut butter with a final indulgence in each and, the next morning, I wake up, open my bathroom cupboard and eye up my pretty little Janesce bottles.

Jenny has written down all my instructions but they aren’t needed. While most meetings these day are fast and furious, hers was quiet and calm which lets me recall her words with ease. I pull bottle number one off the shelf.

Step One: Janesce Rose Soaking Drops

I fill the bathroom sink with warm water and add two-three drops of my delightfully aromatic rose soaking drops. The scent transforms my small bathroom into a mini-spa. I immerse my Janesce soaking cloth, feeling a little like a princess, and press it to my face allowing that fragrant hydration to soak into my skin.

Skin-soaking encourages me to start the day by taking several deep breaths. In contrast to a morning coffee – which, like an alarm clock going off after too many snoozes, makes me feel like I’m already in a hurry – the skin soaking ritual puts me at ease.

As important as slowing down is, the benefits of this gentle step go beyond breathing. The warm water re-hydrates the upper layers of my skin, which will help me reap the rewards out of the skincare products to come. Dry skin is my biggest skin complaint and this topical hydration is invaluable for healing and my skin and bringing out a natural glow.

Step Two: Hydrating Mist

Leaving my skin moist, I spritz my rose petal mist onto my face. At point-blank range the spritz gives me a shock, but I will quickly learn to spray at a distance and walk into the mist; a much more soothing way of getting the most out of this hydrating mist!

Step Three: Nourishing Skin Reviver

The final step locks in the moisture that the drops and mist have created. Applied to my still damp skin, this light and silky lotion glides onto my skin. There is no residue or heaviness; within moments of applying the skin reviver, it feels as if there’s nothing on my skin at all. My skin feels like my own, but softer, which is a great feeling to have as I head into my day.

Apparently most women have dehydrated skin without even realising it. It’s good to know that I’m not alone, but more importantly, that I can do something about it with this simple ritual.

Evening Cleanser:

My evening routine is the same as the morning but is preceded with a cleanser to remove the pollutants (make-up, car exhaust, sweat and the like) that accumulate on the skin over the course of any normal day.

A Rose-Tinted Life

Between the hints of floral scents that stay with me well into the morning and my new practice of slowing down and caring for my skin, using Janesce immediately makes me feel incredibly feminine. From day one, I know that it will become a daily ritual that I cherish. In under a week, my main skin problem of dry skin and rough patches is gone.

From Good to Glow

After about ten days I notice that my skin feels and looks hydrated in a way that it never has before. This, I believe, is what the therapists at Lox refer to as ‘the Janesce glow’. It brings to mind a Dior ad featuring a dewy-faced Jennifer Lawrence. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t actually look like Hollywood’s biggest star, but I feel like I look like her and, well, isn’t that just as good?

At LOX, our Skin Health Coach, Jenny Barrow, offers two tailored skin-coaching programmes, using a Slow Beauty approach to support you on your unique skin transformation journey.


  • November 1, 2017
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